Cubic Zirconia Jewelry versus Diamonds Jewelry

Since coming to the world’s attention in the 1830s, diamonds have been a favorite of stones for jewelry. Not everyone can afford to buy diamonds, so the search for the best man-made version has been battled for years. Cubic Zirconia is considered to be the best man-made diamond for jewelry on the market today.

There are several reasons some people do not purchase diamond jewelry. The first one being the over-inflated price some believe has been controlled by the DeBeers diamond coalition. Many people believe the prices do not reflect the rarity of diamonds in a fair manner. There have also been studies done showing one third of every diamond sold in the United States today has been altered by an artificial means to increase its value. The same studies show young couples on average are paying 40% too much for their diamond engagement ring.

The price is not the only reason some people are no longer gravitating around diamond jewelry. There are the problems of the so-called “blood diamonds” with the disturbing rumors of forced child labor and several other horrible human atrocities and cruelties. Well-known celebrities have brought it to the attention of Americans by the refusing to wear diamonds on the “red carpet” and have chosen to wear cubic zirconia stones in all their jewelry adornments for the “Oscar’s” and other highly notable celebrity gatherings.

A good quality cubic zirconia in jewelry looks practically identical to the mined diamonds. Even some jewelers cannot tell the difference between a cubic zirconia and a diamond without the aid of his gemologist’s tool. The cost of cubic zirconia jewelry is about 75% less than the cost of a mined diamond.


There are other synthetic diamonds used in the market today to replace diamonds in jewelry settings. The moissanite is a mineral created by a laboratory as a good diamond replacement stone. It was introduced into the market in the 1990s. It has become the choice of some for their fine jewelry collection. There are those who prefer moissanite to cubic zirconia. The moissanite match diamond in the hardness of the mineral, but there is a downside. The cost is about $500 per carat and the moissanite does not have the brilliance and fire of a diamond or the cubic zirconia.

Just recently introduced into the US jewelry market is the Diamond Nexus. The Diamond Nexus is a result of a new scientific processing technique. They are an excellent replacement stone for the mined diamond. They possess all the qualities of a diamond from the hardness to the brilliance and fire. They are only used in precious metal settings and are priced fairly reasonably at $79 a carat.

The Russian cubic zirconias are the cubic zirconia of the highest quality. The Russian cubic zirconia used in jewelry feature superior cutting and polishing techniques. Because of the masterful cutting and polishing techniques used to finish the stones, enhances the brilliance and fire of the stone creating a stone of a much higher quality than those mass produced and machine cut with very little polishing.

The Russian cubic zirconias used in jewelry are hand-picked from the highest quality raw stones, hand cut by master cutters and hand polished. The specifications used for each of the Russian cubic zirconias are the same as those set down by the Gemological Institute of America for diamonds.

The differences of Russian cubic zirconias when compared to diamonds are barely visible to experts. The experts must use advanced gemological tools to discern the differences between the Russian cubic zirconia and a diamond. Because the Russian cubic zirconia has higher diffusion of the light than a diamond, they have a profusion of fire and brilliance.

For my money, I will take a cubic zirconia jewelry over the other synthetic diamond jewelry any day.

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January 13, 2018

such lovely collection

Ronda J Richardson
January 15, 2018

As a jewelry designer I found this article extremely informative.Now when my customers don’t want the expense or a cheap look I’ll know what to tell them. Thank you

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